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I am a teacher, presently working at Manheim Township High School. I have been a professional Educator for 26 years, starting my career as a Music Teacher for the NYC Dept of Education. Presently I am the Democratic Committeeperson for Clay South (3202) and have been so for the past 8 years. I have assisted on numerous local, state and national campaigns. I am a Christian and support Pro-Life, and Pro-Education.

"Building Bridges" means reaching across the aisle to vote for legislation that favors the constituents, not the party, not the corporations, not the special interest groups; the VOTERS. My life experience as an Educator has enabled me to work with many different demographics, ideologies, and economic groups understanding that compromise is not only possible, but desirable.Compromise will ensure real and lasting change, and uphold civil liberties and rights for ALL.

        Your support will permit me as Assemblyperson for the 37th District PA House, to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to Build a Better PA, by "Building Bridges." We can make a difference in Harrisburg!


  • Immigration: Our nation was built by immigrants, is served by immigrants, and made great by immigrants! Nearly all our ancestors were immigrants! The dream of todays immigrant, is the American Dream. Make it no longer a crime to be an immigrant. Support DACA. Keep families together. Use our troops for something other than border patrol

  • Education: Increase Funding, Support Teachers, Protect Students and Schools. Fund Higher Education, Vocational Schools. Alternatives to mandated Testing.

  • Medicaid Cuts: Big Mistake! Most American of All Social Programs. America needs healthy workers to ensure a healthy economy. Effects Education, Social Programs, Long term care, Disability, Social Security. NO CUTS!

  • State Budget, Taxation: Balance the budget on time, cut wasteful spending, create new revenue streams. Change "upside down Taxation", spend taxpayers money wisely!

  • Small Family Owned Business: Support legislation to help protect small, family owned businesses from Big Business and Government Excesses.

  • Fracking, Marcellus Shale: Buy Lancaster, Benefit Lancaster! Charge taxes for ex- traction, transportation and sale of shale, natural gas, extracted oil. Presently it does not benefit Lancaster, proceeds go out of state, product is sent out of state, pollution and destruction of environment STAYS! Close DELAWARE LOOPHOLE.

  • Gun Control: Protect our children. Ban ownership and use of Assault-style weapons. Improve background check system. Raise minimum age to purchase fire-arms to 21. Do NOT interfere with ownership and use of legimitate hunting and sport guns.

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