Building Bridges

        Harrisburg is presently a parking lot, filled with stalled budgets and legislature going nowhere. One of the main reasons for this inertia is the lack of bipartisan cooperation. There is presently not a strong incentive to work together, although "identity politics are not new to America in the 21st century." In an article entitled "Will the United States ever get back on a bipartisan 'Middle Way'"? published last month, in "The Conversation" by Louis Galambos, the author describes a time during President Eisenhower's second term when there was more political civil discourse. In other words, both parties worked together to pass important issues such as the first Civil Rights Act in 1957. Eisenhower relied on what he called the 'Middle Way' between the extremes of the left and the right.

        Fast forward to today. The "Middle Way" is exactly what is called for in Harrisburg. In order to accomplish that we must "Build Bridges", my campaign slogan." Building Bridges" means reaching across the aisle to vote for legislation that favors the constituents, not the party, not the corporations, not the special interest groups; the VOTERS. My life experience as an Educator has enabled me to work with many different demographics, ideologies, and economic groups understanding that compromise is not only possible, but desirable.Compromise will ensure real and lasting change, and uphold civil liberties and rights for ALL.

        Your support will permit me as Assemblyperson for the 37th District PA House, to work with Republicans and Democrats alike to Build a Better PA, by "Building Bridges." We can make a difference in Harrisburg!